Freidenrich Center for Translational Research

Specific Aim 2

Provide inviting and efficient space for the conduct of clinical research and the comfort and safety of the subjects and research staff.

Clinical research requires frequent interactions among the human subjects and the research staff. The research space needs to be easily accessible to the subjects, with an inviting atmosphere that conveys a sense of trust, efficiency, and reliability, and that facilitates subject recruitment. Currently, virtually all of Stanford’s clinical research activities are conducted in hospital space, which is not easily accessible and is frequently confusing and intimidating to the research subject. The FCTR building will provide space for participants and staff for conducting clinical trials in an optimally designed and accessible setting. These facilities will include a customized pediatric research suite with a friendly atmosphere for children and their families, specialized rooms for private discussions of informed consent and research counseling, and other specialized research areas, including outpatient suites, infusion rooms, remote access observation rooms, and an exercise physiology room.

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