Freidenrich Center for Translational Research

Specific Aim 1

Bring together CTR resources and personnel from across the Institution to increase efficiency, catalyze innovation, and promote interdisciplinary interactions among investigators and support staff involved in clinical and translational research.

All stages of clinical research require significant support by interdisciplinary teams of investigators and research staff, from the early planning stages (concept development, study design, budgeting), to study conduct (project coordination), to final results (data analysis, reporting). These team members have expertise in diverse fields such as clinical and laboratory medicine, nursing, informatics, ethics, nutrition and psychology.  Currently, research staff work in many different locations across the School of Medicine and beyond, including remote locations in adjacent cities. This hinders collaboration, restricts interdisciplinary interactions, and deters innovation by relegating CTR investigators to isolated silos of activity across the campus. The FCTR building will provide space for housing approximately 250 research staff members, allowing the assembly of a diverse group of researchers. The building will also provide collaborative meeting space and serve as a single convenient location for interdisciplinary research teams. This will encourage more frequent interactions and ultimately accelerate the progress and improve the quality of clinical research.


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