Freidenrich Center for Translational Research
Building Overview

The Programs

The new Clinical and Translational Research Unit (CTRU) within the Jill and John Freidenrich Center for Translational Research (FCTR) building will be designed for optimal efficiency for the research personnel.  Specifically, the facility will include centralized adult and pediatric nurses’ stations, a customized pediatric research suite with a friendly atmosphere for children and their families, and specialized rooms for private discussions of informed consent, subject interviews, and research counseling.  Other specialized research areas will include outpatient suites, infusion rooms, remote access observation rooms, an exercise physiology room, nearby laboratory and research kitchen, and conveniently located utility and equipment rooms.  These and other functions of the CTRU will be located on the first floor and will be a vast improvement to the current unit.

The functions of the Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office (CCTO) and Spectrum will be performed on the second and third floors of the FCTR, including workspace and meeting space for the diverse group of research support professionals involved in clinical and translational research, including study coordinators and facilitators, research nurses, biostatisticians, dietitians, lab technicians, and regulatory specialists.

The inclusions of the Cancer Center and Spectrum staff and functions in the same building will cover all clinical and translational research under one roof, with related trials being supported by the Cancer Center and all other clinical trials and related services being supported by Spectrum.  While the Cancer Center and the Spectrum will maintain their distinct identities and functions in the conduct of the clinical trials that differ between the two groups, increased efficiencies within each center will be achieved due to the single, common location.  Increased efficiency and best practices will be achieved by enhanced interactions and communication concerning common issues and problems, and collaborative initiatives will be increased, benefitting clinical and translational research.  This will bring greater economy of scale to the clinical research enterprise at Stanford University.  The facility will be a crucial resource to investigators both within the School of Medicine and in other departments.


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