Freidenrich Center for Translational Research

About the Team

Owner's Representative

Niraj Dangoria, the Assistant Dean and Director of Facilities Planning and Management, will serve as the project owner’s representative and will be responsible for overall project delivery as well as oversight of the interactions between the School of Medicine and the University. He will serve as a liaison between these groups and will be familiar with all aspects of executive priorities, the users program, design and construction processes, and financial planning for the project.

Within the School of Medicine, Mr. Dangoria, oversees a team of seasoned project managers who work alongside the University’s Department of Project Management personnel to ensure that the requirements of the research scientists are met at each stage of design and construction. He has over 20 years of campus planning and facilities development experience in university campuses and an outstanding record of achieving results in challenging environments. He has completed more than $1 billion in projects for a wide variety of buildings, including research, medical, and academic facilities.  He has a professional degree in Architecture and a graduate degree in Planning.

Project Manager

The project manager is Helena Cipres-Palacin of Stanford's Land, Buildings & Real Estate Department of Project Management.  In this role she coordinates and leads the project team, administers all project contracts and budgets, manages schedules, and acts as the official University representative in the relationships with the project's architects and engineers, reviewing agencies, the campus community, and the building contractors. 

She has over nine years of experience working at Stanford University and has managed over $130M Capital Projects. Her professional experience spans over fourteen years with engineering and construction firms in Spain and the USA, and she is LEED™ certified as a construction project manager.

Program Representative

The Program Representative, Linda Gibson, will be responsible for day-to-day management of every step in the process to ensure that the executive and user goals are met.

In addition, she oversees all small project renovations in the School of Medicine.   Linda has over fourteen years of experience in facilities and construction projects and has completed more than 150 projects at Stanford and at various locations in the San Jose area. These projects have varied in costs from $50K to $10M, and have included laboratory, office, restroom, server room, and classroom renovations.   She has a professional degree in Structural Engineering.


WRNS Studio is a 50 person architecture and planning firm with a strong reputation for high quality, sustainable design, contextual engagement and client responsiveness. They execute an extremely diverse project typology and bring to each specific project, whether it be a new campus building, a museum, commercial offices or a parking structure, a point of view that is informed by all of the other work in which they engage. In addition to the Jill and John Freidenrich Center for Translational Research, WRNS Studio’s recent efforts with Stanford School of Medicine and Stanford Hospital & Clinics include Design Guidelines for all projects currently underway and planned for the Stanford University Medical Center and Conceptual Design for the Hoover Pavilion Medical Office Building & Parking Structure. 

Design Partner Kyle Elliott has over 21 years of experience focused on campus facilities that serve research, education and health.  He recently led planning efforts for Stanford School of Medicine’s new Campus Master Plan and design of the Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge.

General Contractor

With the effectiveness of its construction capabilities, Devcon Construction, Inc. meets the demanding needs of its clients with expeditious and reliable service.  With an emphasis on quality projects, Devcon has become one of the most active and respected construction firms in the Bay Area, and has been instrumental in the rapid growth of Silicon Valley.

Andy Schatzman joined Devcon Construction, Inc. in February of 1999 in the capacity of Senior Project Manager bringing with him sixteen years previous experience in the construction industry.  Andy has completed numerous multi-million dollar projects demonstrating his abilities to coordinate the multiple disciplines involved in construction management projects.  Andy possesses the necessary management and communication skills, knowledge of state and local codes and the ability to perform well during fast tracked and complicated projects while remaining within the allotted budgets.

John Castagnoli joined Devcon Construction, Inc. in August of 2001 in the capacity of Project Engineer and was promoted to Project Manger in 2005. As a project manager for Devcon his responsibilities include client contact; coordination between the architect, designers, and engineers; estimating; managing interiors and building shells; scheduling of projects for maximum efficiency; and cost control, materials and labor management. 

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